• We can help you transform your ideas into certificates your graduates, qualifiers or trainees will be proud to display. If you want to develop a certificate award program, we can work from your simple sketch or rough draft layout. If you have only some of the text in mind, we can offer suggestions for some of the information that is typically incorporated into a certificate design. You can tell us what ideas you need to convey and add any items typical of certificates such as any variables, a date, and signatures of your officers. Most importantly you will want to have the name of your issuing organization and of course the recipient's name prominently displayed. You can select typestyle(s), paper size and color, and decide on a vertical or horizontal format, depending on certificate content. We need to know your approximate quantity and scheduling requirements. Will you be issuing the certificates monthly?..quarterly?..annually? Will this be an ongoing situation or a one-time event? We can inventory your supply of blank certificates, then letter the names and other variables from your lists sent to us periodically at your preferred intervals. We can create a rough mock-up of your certificate that we can FAX to you for approval or further modification.
  • You may already have a certificate that you wish to modify or need a new supply. We can work from what you have.
  • You may have a certificate program but have no way to letter the names and variables. We can provide that lettering service you need.
  • We can ship your completed certificates to you for signing by officers or, if the signatures are imprinted, we can individually mail them to your qualifiers from our plant here centrally located in the Midwest.
  • You may want to present your certificates in a ready-to-display format. We might suggest you consider our mahogany wall plaques.
  • At J. Hartley Company, we help you put your ideas together to develop a certificate program that is versatile, cost-effective, and one that helps you minimize obsolescence. You will have a handsome, dignified certificate or diploma of the highest quality, that will reflect the ideals and qualities of your organization, and one that will make you proud.

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